Some free-time and open source programming projects i’ve got my hands on. There were some old things from MS-DOS/ZX Spectrum/Atari times, but I lost them. Some of the projects are done with other members of nesnausk! group. I keep a bunch of smaller recent projects on github.

Tools and libraries

Clang Build Analyzer (2019)
Clang build time analysis tool built upon -ftime-trace mode.

SMOL-V (2016)
Library to encode Vulkan SPIR-V shaders into a more compact form.

GLSL optimizer (2010)
Some platforms (especially mobile) are weak at optimizing GLSL shaders, so this library can be used offline to do inlining, dead code removal, copy propagation and other fancy stuff. A fork of Mesa’s GLSL2 compiler done at Unity.

HLSL2GLSL Fork (2010)
Fixes, tweaks and cleanups to ATI’s HLSL-to-GLSL translator. Done at Unity; we’re releasing the fixes back to the world.

Sizer (2007, 2023)
Executable symbol size reporting utility.

Dingus 3D engine and tools (2003-2005)
The engine and tools used in most of above projects (external page).

BiTikZyz (2001 Apr)
A compiler and virtual machine for C++/Java style scripting language.

Techdemos / research

Unity Gaussian Splatting (2023)
Experimenting with Gaussian Splatting in Unity. Also blog post series.

Toy Path Tracer (2018)
Tiny toy path tracer, CPU & GPU, C++ and C#. Also blog post series that go with it.

HDR with MSAA demo (2005 Oct)
An attempt to do HDR with anti-aliasing on ordinary DX9 hardware.

Xplodar (2004 Dec)
Tiny deformation simulation demo (university’s FEM course).

Shaderey (2003 Aug-Sep, some updates 2004 Jun)
Winner of ATi/Beyond3D DX9 shader competition. An article about it is in ShaderX 3 book.

Cloth simulation (2002 Oct - 2003 Jun)
My bachelor thesis on real-time physically based cloth simulation and visualization/shading methods.

Water boiler (2002 Jun)
Flipcode’s “Liquid effects” contest entry.

Snowflake generator (2002 Mar)
Kestutis' aka ProNinja “C++ guru” (or more precisely, “Snowflake Generator”) contest winner.

Rūmba (2019)
Small game I made with my 9-yo kid at Global Game Jam 2019.

Trains in Moss (2018)
Small game I made with my 8-yo kid at Global Game Jam 2018.

Wwow Ethan Dood (2015)
Small game I made with my 12-yo kid at Global Game Jam 2015.

LTGameJam'09 (2009 Jan)
Game development and design event, part of Global Game Jam. Organizer, participant.

Project Hoshimi (part of ImagineCup2005/2006) (2004 Aug-Oct)
3D viewer for Microsoft’s ImagineCup2005 Visual Gaming category.

LTGameJam'03 (2003 May)
Game development and design event. Written the engine for the Jam, participated in the event.

LTGameJam'02 (2002 Aug)
Game development and design event. Written parts of the engine for the Jam, participated in the event.

hKorez (2001)
An attempt to build 3D engine and write a 3D space shooter game in team of 4. The engine was partly finished, the game was not even started. Now it’s got a successor - ffKorez.

Zaidas-Y (1998 - 1999)
An old 2.5D Doom-like LAN shooter.


Black Hole (2020 Jul)
PC demo, 1st place at Field-FX 2020.

It’s Raining Cubes (2019 Nov)
An attempt to make a 4 kilobyte demo, ended up at 6.6KB though.

in.out.side: the shell (2005 Jan-May)
1st place winner of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2005 realtime rendering competition.

Secret Government Thing (2004 Jul)
PC demo, invitation for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2005; shown at Assembly'2004.

The Fly (2004 Mar-Apr)
2nd place winner of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2004 realtime rendering competition.

Syntonic Dentiforms (2004 Feb-Mar)
PC demo, 6th place at Breakpoint'2004 and a award “breakthrough performance”.

d01 (2003 Jan)
A small music-less demo, made as a visualisation for music club “Combo”.

Evil! (2002 Mar)
PC demo, shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002.

bzhykt (2002 Mar)
PC 64kb intro, shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002.


Nameday generator twitter bot (2018)
New Lithuanian names every day! Built with Tracery at Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

C++ “proposal” generator twitter bot (2017)
A fake proposal every day! Built with Tracery at Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Daily Tiny Cities twitter bot (2017)
Cute towns made from emojis, every day! Built with Tracery at Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Game Industry Rumor Generator (2015)
Tired of making up stupid rumors? This will help.

Graphics Paper Ideas (2013)
Siggraph paper title generator.

Things to commit just before leaving your job (2013)
Twitter joke about C preprocessor that got slightly out of hand.

Class Name Generator (2011)
When you can’t come up with a good class name.

Kas yra kas Lietuvoje? (2006)
Fake dictionary (Lithuanian).