Cloth simulation

This was my BSc thesis in the university. Development log (Lithuanian).


TBD - Demo#4

Soon - I'll just port some 1.4 pixel shaders to 1.1 (in order to run on GF3/GF4Ti), and upload it.

2003 01 27 - Demo#3

Various explicit integrators and constraints, improved normal calculation, a bit optimized, 40x40 particles cloth patch. Zip file here (156kb), requires DirectX8.1 and a basic 3D accelerator.

2003 01 10 - Demo#2

Still no implicit integrator... So here's a demo with various explicit integrators, 80x80 particles cloth patch and a gear-shaped table. Zip file here (149kb), requires DirectX8.1 and a basic 3D accelerator.


2003 06 14

Some shading modes, with 2 directional ligths. Left to right:
  • Per-pixel anisotropic with anisotropy direction map,
  • Per-pixel diffuse+specular with normal map and gloss map,
  • - the same,
  • Homomorphic factorised BRDF (McCool et al.), satin BRDF,
  • - the same, velvel (red) and satin (yellow) BRDF,
All rendered on Radeon 9000Pro with 2xFSAA and 8xAnisotropic; using DX9 (some shaders HLSL, some asm).

2003 01 27

Improved normal calculation, so vertex lighting doesn't look that bad, added more different constraints and made better texture/material.

2003 01 04

Quantity has a quality on it's own - a patch of 80x80 particles and gear-shaped table constraints.

2002 12 30

That's a patch of 24x24 cloth with (simply hacked in for now) round-table and square-table constraints. Ah, really bad vertex tesselation shows up in the round-table case and really poor per-vertex lighting :)

2002 12 28

Explicit Euler for now, no collisions of any kind. This is a patch of 20x20 particles, with three corners constrained. On Duron700/SDR this would run at nearly 400 FPS (now it's strongly fillrate limited on my TNT2).