Talks and Presentations

Programmability of Graphics Pipelines (2018 May)
Keynote at i3D 2018 in Montreal. Slides (32MB pdf), Embedded Video on slide 62 (20MB mp4).

Random Stories About Unity (2017 March, Lithuanian)
Guest lecture at Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija. Slides (9MB pdf).

Unity Scriptable Render Pipeline (2017 February)
Short introduction to future Unity’s rendering pipeline, from AMD Capsaicin&Cream event at Game Developers Conference. Slides (4MB pdf), Video.

Adam Demo production (2016 May)
Various notes Adam demo production, at CG EVENT. Slides and videos post.

Porting Unity to new graphics APIs (2015 August)
Stories and challenges porting Unity to Direct3D 12 and Metal, at SIGGRAPH. Slides with notes (2MB pdf).

Unity 5 Graphics Smörgåsbord (2015 March)
Overview of graphics features and improvements in Unity 5.0, from Game Developers Conference. Slides (38MB pdf), Slides with notes (14MB pdf). Keynote file (35MB zip).

Hobby Engine to Game Engine (2014 October)
Talk for mostly game engine design course students at Technische Universität München. Random bunch of topics about what it is like to work on “production code”. Slides (5MB pdf).

Physically Based Shading in Unity 5 (2014 March)
Overview of physically based shading and related systems in upcoming Unity 5.0, from Game Developers Conference. Slides (15MB pdf), Slides with notes (5MB pdf), Keynote file (30MB zip).

Lightweight Chaos development model (2013 December)
How we do stuff at Unity, from BuildStuff 2013 conference. Slides (0.2MB pdf).

Rendering: GI, PBS, Shadows etc. (2013 October, Lithuanian)
Lecture at computer graphics course at Vilnius University. Slides (14MB pdf).

Unity’s Shader Compilation Pipeline (2013 January)
From internal Unity’s tech talk. Much of that is already changing or has changed, but hey. Slides (0.1MB pdf).

GPUs, Optimization, Rendering Effects (2012 October, Lithuanian)
Lecture at computer graphics course at Kaunas University of Technology. Slides (9.7MB pdf).

Fast Mobile Shaders (2011 August)
A talk with ReJ at Siggraph in Vancouver. Slides w/ notes (17MB pdf).

From phones to high end PCs: how to scale your technology (2011 July)
A talk at Develop Conference in Brighton. Slides w/ notes (6MB pdf).

Incoherent Talk About Code (2010 November)
Code rant at Unity’s internal developer week. Slides w/ post-talk notes (1.7MB pdf).

Stories from Unity (2009 December, Lithuanian)
Startup-related stories from Unity at Mini BarCamp #2 Vilnius. Slides (2.4MB pdf).

Imagine Cup story (2009 November, Lithuanian)
Talk about Imagine Cup experiences I gave at local universities. Slides (1.4MB pdf).

Developing Graphics Tech for non-AAA Games (2009 August)
Talk at Assembly 2009 demo party. Slides (2.1MB pdf), Video.

Gentle Introduction to the Game Industry (2009 April, Lithuanian)
Talk I gave at a small local 3D/gamedev conference. Slides (13MB pdf).

Making Your Art Look Good (2008 October)
Talk at Unite 2008 conference. Quite Unity-centered talk about a totally random bunch of subjects! Slides (14.7MB pdf), Vide.

Shading and Shadows (2007 October)
Talk at Unite 2007 conference. Slides (3.3MB pdf), Video & Unity project.