Adam Demo production talk at CGEvent

A while ago I delivered a talk at CG EVENT 2016 in Vilnius, about some production details of Unity’s Adam demo.

Clarification point! I did nothing at all for the demo production, just did the talk pretending to be @__ReJ__. Also, there are more blog posts about the demo production on Unity blog, e.g. Adam - Production Design for Realtime Short Film by @_calader. All credit goes to the demo team, I only delivered the message :)

Here are the talk slides (34MB pdf).

Some of them were meant to be videos, so here they are, individually:

Slide 41, rough animatic:

Slide 46, previz:

Slide 47, previz with lighting & camera:

Slide 48, early Neuron mocap:

Slide 49, previz with shading & mocap:

Slide 50, previz with postprocessing:

Slide 52, Vicon mocap:

Slide 59, WIP animations & fracture:

Slide 60, eye animation:

Slide 68, area lights:

Slide 71, translucency shader:

Slide 73, crowd simulation: