d01 the silent demo


Somehow the music club "Combo" (the one that's located in the centre of Kaunas) asked us (nesnausk!) to gather some visualizations (demos, intros, etc.) that could go along the music. Someone said "let's make a demo for that!" - partially as a joke, because it was only 5 or 6 days left. However, Cathy quickly made some "concept art", and one guy named NeARAZ said "I'll do a demo from this".

Basically that's all. In 3 days, I've made this demo. See it yourself.

There's some problem with it on older nVidia drivers (3x.xx) - the screen blends to white or black. Hopefully I'll fix that soon. For now, just use the latest drivers :)

Technical stuff

In case you're interested, I give the source of this, see below.

  • Code. Some parts I took from LTGameJam'02. The rest is pretty much hardcoded. This demo could be very easily turned into an intro, but I've gone the easier way and used the fancy stuff from D3DX (effect files, texture/mesh loading, etc.), hence the executable is fairly large.
  • Rendering. The standard cheap glow effect on everything: render to screen and to some (4) different resolution textures (so in total everything is rendered 5 times). Then additive-blend these textures over whole screen. Because the pixels in each successive texture get bigger and bigger the bright spots look like glowing.


Binary release (executable, data files) here (243 KB). Note: no music! Use the latest drivers for nVidia cards!

Source release (sources, data files, MSVC6 project and workspace) here (103 KB).

d01 in pixels

Thumbnails, click for a larger shot.