Trains in Moss

Global Game Jam 2018 had a theme “Transmission”. Lacking better ideas, we saw that it’s an anagram of “Trains in Moss”, and made a game about trains being stuck in the moss.

However my daughter got sick, and so we left home and continued on the game for some hours there. My 8yo daughter did all the graphics, some sounds and game ideas. I assembled the stuff in Unity, and did random key mashing in Garage Band to “make” the music track. It’s nothing fancy, but was quite fun to make!


Just run it. Left/right/up/space keys to control. To exit game, Alt-F4 (Windows) or Cmd-Q (Mac).


Unity 2017.3 project with everything here (12MB).

Uses Cinemachine package for smooth camera tracking. Software used: Krita (graphics), Audacity (sounds), Garage Band (music), Unity (well, duh), iMovie (trailer).

Screenshots and Trailer