The present

hKorez now (2003 Jul) has got a successor - ffKorez, that was made by one of hKorez developers.


A group of friends-programmers decided to write a 3D engine and build a space shooter game on it. The engine meant to feature "modular desing", "OOP" and other buzzwords. Nothing is known about the game.

What's made

The engine. It had:

  • Modular OOP design.
  • OpenGL/Win32 and software/Linux-svgalib renderers.
  • Scenegraph with sorting by renderstates and lights, view cone culling, etc.
  • VIPM meshes.
  • Scripting language for AI (see BiTikZyz).
  • Unified resource management (textures, meshes, etc.).
  • Basic physics (dynamic octree and bounding spheres).
  • GUI system, mimicking Java's Swing by design.
  • Environment mapping, lens flares, skybox and similar eye-candies.
  • and lots of other stuff :)

What's missing

The game. Why: we all got hired by InteraMotion LLC and thus had no time to write the game :)

The conclusion

The engine was a good start (to make the better engine). By itself the engine is a (relatively) crap. So I don't give the binaries nor the source (unless you're really interested and will ask personally).

But we all still hope to make the game (but maybe: different time/place/engine/game). And it seems to be true - see ffKorez.

Some (horrible) pics

Thumbnails, click for a larger shot.