BiTikZyz (2001)

BiTikZyz is a C++/Java like compiler and bytecode interpreter (aka virtual machine). It is absolutely non-robust (i.e. it does not perform any checks), but offers some OOP, decent performance and nice integration with C++.

Usage scenario is: you write BiTikZyz classes, compile them and you get compiled bytecode and C++ stubs for your BiTikZyz classes. So you can just use them from C++, call their methods and do other stuff. BiTikZyz runtime provides additional services like instantiation by class name (virtual constructors or what?). There's nice support for calling native C++ methods from BiTikZyz: you just declare a method as "native", write normal C++ code for that method anywhere you like, compile and you've got your method running!

Compiler is written is fairly portable C++, with prebuilt executables for Win32 and Linux ELF systems.

Notes and cautions

Although it's fun to play with, I doubt if BiTikZyz could be seriously used as a scripting language - mainly because it's just a replacement for C/C++ and offers no robustness or flexibility the other scripting languages (Lua, Python, Ruby, etc.) provide.

Readme files, documentation and source code comments are in Lithuanian. The compiler can output Lithuanian, English or fancy-language messages (or you can configure it to your favourite language).

The source code is horrible! It was my first C++ program that was over 100 lines long, so I can (sort of) justify myself.


Binary, source and docs here (477 KB).