in.out.side: the shell

in.out.side: the shell is an entry to Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2005 Rendering Invitational and as such, it's a program that displays 3D computer graphics and plays music. All rendering is performed in real-time and the demo features an interactive mode. Turns out it took first place worldwide (official PR)! The demo was made during Jan-May 2005 by a team of four people (during our spare time).

Much more information can be found on in.out.side website.

My work

I did all the programming stuff, worked out most of the workflow/process and done some artwork.

  • Programming: engine, tools, demo code. Specially for this demo:
    • physics (slightly modified ODE engine) and fracture (actually a precomputed hack),
    • interactive mode and improved animation blending,
    • shaders,
    • custom soft projected shadows algorithm (to be published in ShaderX4),
    • custom tool to generate seamless textures on curved models (MeshTexer),
    • compatability testing and performance tuning,
  • Technology: figuring out what we'll do and what we won't; what tools and libraries will be used and how, etc.
  • Artwork: UV mapping, some low-poly models, computed normal and ambient occlusion maps.


Zip file here (50MB). Requires pixel shader 2.0 capable video card and DirectX9.0c runtime.

Much more can be found on in.out.side website. Whole demo/engine sourcecode is released here.


Thumbnails, click for a larger shot.

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