Syntonic Dentiforms

Syntonic Dentiforms is a demo (non-interactive program that shows realtime graphics and plays some music). I and a couple of my friends did it on our spare time for fun and experience. The demo was developed during Feb-Mar 2004. We took it to Breakpoint'04 demoparty in Germany, it got 6th place (out of 22).

Hey, it also won a award for "breakthrough performance" during 2004 year!

Technical stuff

I did most of programming stuff, and a small amount of modelling/animations. The demo features:

  • Graphics effects, with several fallback paths (for pixel shader 2.0, 1.4 and 1.1 hardware):
    • per-pixel diffuse/specular lighting (without bumpmaps),
    • realtime shadows with limited self-shadowing ("Robust Object-ID shadows", S.Dietrich, ShaderX2),
    • multiple planar reflections,
    • postprocessing effects (cartoon style via several color transforms/edge-detection and Bloom for glow).
  • Animations were actually authored, so there's no realtime physics at all :)
  • In code I made heavy use of DirectX9 and some of it's cool features (notably Effects Framework).


Zip file here (6.5MB). Requires DirectX9.0b runtime and at least pixel shader 1.1 capable 3D accelerator (but looks better with ps2.0).

Syntonic screenshots

Thumbnails, click for a larger shot.