Daily Pathtracer Part 0: Intro

As mentioned before, I realized I’ve never done a path tracer. Given that I suggest everyone else who asks “how should I graphics” start with one, this sounded wrong. So I started making a super-simple one. When I say super simple, I mean it! It’s not useful for anything, think of it as [smallpt] with more lines of code :)

However I do want to make one in C++, in C#, in something else perhaps, and also run into various LOLs along the way. All code is at github.com/aras-p/ToyPathTracer.

Now, all that said. Sometimes it can be useful (or at least fun) to see someone who’s clueless in the area going through parts of it, bumping into things, and going into dead ends or wrong approaches. This is what I shall do in this blog series! Let’s see where this path will lead us.

Actually useful resources

If you want to actually learn someting about path tracing or raytracing, I’d suggest these: