Pathtracer 15: Pause & Links

Sailing out to sea | A tale of woe is me
I forgot the name | Of where we’re heading
– Versus Them “Don’t Eat the Captain

So! This whole series on pathtracing adventures started out without a clear goal or purpose. “I’ll just play around and see what happens” was pretty much it. Looks like I ran out of steam and will pause doing further work on it. Maybe sometime later I’ll pick it up again, who knows!

One nice thing about 2018 is that there’s a lot of interest in ray/path tracing again, and other people have been writing about various aspects of it. So here’s a collection of links I saved on the topic over past few months:

Thanks for the adventure so far, everyone!

Put the fork away | It’s not a sailor’s way
We are gentlemen | Don’t eat the captain