Random list of Demoscene Demos

I just did a “hey kids, let me tell you about demoscene” event at work, where I talked about and and showed some demos I think were influential over the years, roughly sorted chronologically.

Here’s that list, in case you also want to see some demoscene things. There’s a whole bunch of excellent demo productions I did not show (due to time constraints); and I mostly focused on Windows/PC demos. A decent way of finding others is searching through “all time top” list at pouët.net.

I’m giving links to youtube, because let’s be realistic, no one’s gonna actually download and run the executables. Or if you would, then you most likely have already seen them anyway :)

Future Crew “Second Reality”, 1993, demo

Tim Clarke “Mars”, 1993, 6 kilobytes

Exceed “Heaven Seven”, 2000, 64 kilobytes

farbrausch “fr-08: .the .product”, 2000, 64 kilobytes

Alex Evans “Tom Thumb”, 2002, wild demo

TBC & Mainloop “Micropolis”, 2004, 4 kilobytes

mfx “Aether”, 2005, demo

Kewlers & mfx “1995”, 2006, demo

mfx “Deities”, 2006, demo

farbrausch “fr-041: debris”, 2007, 144 kilobytes

Fairlight & CNCD “Agenda Circling Forth”, 2010, demo

Fairlight & CNCD “Ziphead”, 2015, demo

Eos “Oscar’s Chair”, 2018, 4 kilobytes

Conspiracy “When Silence Dims The Stars Above”, 2018, 64 kilobytes