Black Hole Demo

I made a demo with my kid, and it somehow managed to get 1st place at a (small) demoparty!

The story of this demo started around year 2006 (!). I had just started working at Unity in Copenhagen, and was renting a tiny room (it was like 12 square meters; back then that’s all I could afford). The guy I was renting from was into writing and music. One of his stories was narrated into a music track, and that’s what I wanted to make a demo from… so we agreed that I would make a demo, using his story & music for it.

His band was called “Aheadahead”, back then they (of course) had a MySpace page. Now that is gone, but turns out they do have an album on Spotify! It’s called “High Status and Continued Success in the Ongoing Battle for Power and Prestige”, go check it out.

And… I never made the demo with that soundtrack.

Until sometime in 2018, during one week of vacation, I sat down with my kid and we decided to try to make it. A bunch of sketching, planning and experimenting with fractals followed.

And then the vacation week was over, and Regular Life happened again. I only came back to fiddle a bit with the demo sometime in 2019.

And then… (hmm is there a pattern here?) that got parked again. Until now, mid-2020, I had another vacation week with nothing much to do. So here it is! Wrapped it up, submitted to Field-FX demoparty, and somehow managed to get 1st place \o/


Tech Details

It’s a Unity 2018.2 project with nothing fancy really. A timeline, and mostly raymarched fractals that render into the g-buffer. Some utilities I’ve used from the most excellent Keijiro’s github, and the fractals are based on “Kali Sets”, particularly “kalizyl and kalizul” shadertoy by Stefan Berke.