Secret Government Thing

This demo is an invitation to Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2005. The demo was presented at Assembly 2004 demoparty and, oh well, ended up somewhere in the last places :(

This is really a quick-made product - the basis of it was made on-site at Imagine Cup 2004 finals, and the rest just before the Assembly.

Technical details

  • Precomputed radiosity lightmaps.
  • Precomputed ambient occlusion maps for the spiders. Of course, this is fake (as the spiders are moving :)).
  • The spiders move and animate (esp. the last scene) "procedurally" - the animation isn't a canned one. So, collision detection and all other stuff is in there.
  • Simple things: planar reflections, soft (blurred) projected shadows, etc.


Zip file here or in servers (4.4MB). Requires DirectX9.0b runtime and some not-very-old video card.

Secret Screens

Thumbnails, click for a larger shot.

More info

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