Evil! the demo


A weird demo, showing no storyline, no particular style, some bugs and a (rather uncorellated) bunch of scenes and effects.

Shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002 in Germany. Ended up somewhere in the middle :(

Get it!

You can get it through scene.org.

Some shots

Thumbnails, click for a larger shot.

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Short descriptions of these:

  1. "Real time reflections" kinda thing. Actually it's one dynamic cubemap per sphere, so everything is rendered 6*3+1=19 times.
  2. Look for the shafts of light... Render many alpha blended spheres and in this onion-like way get something that looks like volumetric light.
  3. CSG (constructive solid geometry) thing. The shot isn't very good: it should show that through the blue-thing you see spheres subtracted from the cube. Actually it's just fiddling with Z-buffer and culling modes.
  4. Hatched bear.
  5. Flocking birds (boids).
  6. A bit of random sphere manipulations - sines and cosines.
  7. 2D metaball-like thingie.

And some "development phase" shots - can't be seen in the final demo: