What's taking up space in your programs?

Ever wondered what takes up space in the programs you write? I certainly did on a number of occasions.

For some reason though, I could not find a decent tool that would look at a Visual Studio compiled executable or a DLL, and report an overview of how large are the functions, classes, object files and whatnot. .kkrunchy executable packer does have a very nice size report, but it’s not exactly suitable for large executables…

Anyway, ryg of farbrausch fame was kind enough to donate the size reporting code, I did some modifications, and here it is: Sizer - executable symbol size reporting utility.

Enjoy. Oh, and the source code looks messy mostly because ryg and I use different indentation, and I never cared to format everything with a single style. Noone cares about the source code anyway, as long as it works. I’m not claiming that this code works, of course!