About two years ago...

…I flew to Copenhagen and started working at Unity Technologies (OTEE back then). Here’s the famous last blog entry; and indeed with day work that is actually interesting there’s little time to spam the forums or the blogosphere.

It’s been an amazing ride so far. I’m working with amazing people, we have (mostly :)) amazing customers, we’ve done three major releases and five minor ones, I’ve seen sales grow from ridiculously low amount to feels good levels, I’ve seen the team expansion, and I took svn revision number 10000 for myself (that happened half a year ago):

Wohoo! Congratulations on the 10,000th commit Aras! You have won a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee when you come to work! :)

You don’t know the whole exciting story behind this… :)

I had two tiny “cleanups” to two files - removing unused variable from each. Now, I’d so something on my Mac, start compiling, and while it’s compiling I’d check svn log on the windows machine.

As soon as Valdemar checked in revision number 9998, I knew what I had to do. Two trivial svn commits!

Some serious work, as you can see. Oh, some of my work also ended up being actually released, I’m not just sitting there claiming svn revisions for myself. Honestly!

I’ve moving back to Lithuania now, continuing to work on Unity from home. Gonna miss some of the office fun, but oh well. Tradeoffs have to be made.

Let’s see what the coming years will bring. Rock on.