(the lack of updates recently is because I have lots of stuff here going on)

I few weeks ago I was visiting OTEE and over the weekend we were jamming on a small game called Pakimono! The idea of the game was pretty cool - you’re the naked guy and have to ruin tourists' photos :)

The whole experience was great. It was my first time using a Mac, first time working with Unity (their game development tool) etc. I coded&tuned most of the bullet-time character controller, where you drag your limbs with a mouse, trying to cover as much of the sight as possible.

The coding was a bit unusual - most of my coding life I was doing pretty low-level C++ programming. This time it was completely different - I’d setup “the game” directly in the editor, write some short C# scripts and boom! - everything works, without me having to worry about any of the low-level stuff. No recompiling or any of that stuff. Cool.

Ironically, I did not see the final Pakimono build yet. I left earlier than the others and do not have a Mac anywhere nearby. But the guys promised me a windows build!