My experience with Crysis so far

So I decided to check out Crysis myself. A demo for a non-gamer like me would be perfect, I thought.

It’s probably three frames per second. In the menu!

I did not see the game itself yet, got bored while waiting for the after-menu-but-before-game intro movie to end (it’s not skippable, and it also ran at about three FPS). This is after watching half a dozen obligatory before-menu intro movies at 3 FPS with stuttering sound (“nvidia,vidia,vidia,vidia… the way it’s meant,meant,meant,meant…” - TWIMTBP).

All of this on a half-decent PC, I think - Intel Core 2 Quad, 4GB RAM, Radeon 3850, Windows XP, latest drivers, none of extra stuff running; the PC is able to run other 3D stuff just fine. I’m sure the developers and EA’s testing labs have tested everything extensively, but sometimes something completely random apparently can make things be oh so slow. Oh well. Get back to work.