Unity 2.0 is out

Finally, Unity 2.0 is out. Took a bit longer than we expected (but not 3.1415926 times longer, so we’re all good), but now, after half a year in beta testing, over a dozen alpha/beta releases, it is finally shipped. Feels good!

svn commits over timeIt’s been in active development for about a year (though some of 2.0 features were in development for much longer), with source control commits graph looking roughly like this. We pretty much spent the summer doing 800 svn commits/month with about four major code monkeys :) Now that the release is done I fully expect the graph to drop off to low values again (is it called “burnout”?).

'San Francisco!'Last week there was the first Unity conference, and it was a blast. It was like, oh my, it’s full of people and all about unity! In other words, really really cool.

Will it launch? It has to!The night before the conference was spent in the hotel, doing last tweaks to the website and launch demos. If the presenters during keynote talk looked confused or exhausted, that’s a combination of trans-Atlantic flight and this last night of work. In fact, the very last fixes to the website were done during the keynote… oh well, Murphy’s law for the win.

Now what? Time to start working on Unity 2.x release :)