Hey, 4 kilobyte intros are starting to get interesting!

Is it just me, or 4k intros really evolved by leaps and bounds in the last few years? I remember the time when 4k stuff was like “ok, that’s cool for a 4k” - but if it weren’t four kilobytes, nobody would watch it. Then in around 2004 came Yellow Rose of Texas, San Angeles Observation and Micropolis - and they were beautiful and interesting by themselves already. In case of Micropolis, it has a city and a big robot - who can resist that? The fact that they are in 4 kilobytes makes that even more interesting.

Fast forward to 2007. Of course every decent 4k intro has music now. Some do have separate scenes, with greets and stuff like “the real demos” (sprite-o-mat). Others have ambient occlusion and interesting lighting (Galiwm, kinderplomber). Some have raytracing in the pixel shaders (4kmdr). And so on.

Woo-hoo! I expect the 4k scene to bring some real jewels in the next couple of years.