Who writes software nowadays?

Ok, I got an USB memory stick (PQI something). Now it has two partitions on it by default, one of them to store some sort of “USB Notebook” data. I am pretty sure I really don’t need that, so I was looking around for a way to merge those partitions. I ran this “USB Notebook” application in a hope that setup wizard will let me choose “no thanks, I don’t need this stuff”. Of course, it does not have such an option.

Pressing Cancel somewhere in there results in this dialog:

Oooh the error message

Pretty cool, I must say. Some advice I’d like to give for the application developers, if I may:

  • Instead of trying to copy Aqua’s GUI, make the application actually do useful things. “I don’t need your stuff, please give me a single partition” is a pretty common use case. And please don’t make error messages like that be the topmost windows (now it stays on top even when I switch to another app).

  • Either get someone to write English messages, or leave the message as is and change the caption to “All your base are belong to us”. For such an exciting error message I’d also change the button text to “YES!!!”. Let the user enjoy your software!

From the software manual: “Thanks a lot to you that are use our company’s product”. Gee, thank you that you are use your software on me!