Painting and wallpapering

We repainted our living room and did one wall in wallpaper (real actual ones, not for the desktop). This is fun but takes a couple of days to get done, half of that time spent moving stuff outside the room and moving it back afterwards.

One thing I learned is that painting with semi-glossy paint is very different from painting with matte one. Semi-glossy is very sensitive to paint strokes, pressure and a lot of other things, and if you’re not extremely careful you’ll get a wall that looks like with a varying gloss or specular power. Of course, varying specular exponent would be cool in a shader demo of 2001, but it’s not a cool thing to have on your room wall. And it’s not 2001 anymore either!

After that we just went for a week to Crete. Here’s an assortment of small random pictures. Now back to work!