Windows on a Mac experience

A post on GrammerJack blog made me post similar impressions about Mac vs Windows etc. So:

I was the evil guy to install Windows on my MacBookPro (via BootCamp) as well. That was like a month ago. The thing is, I think I haven’t booted into windows for like 20 days on this machine. At first I though gee, I’ll use VisualStudio on this machine, will watch demos and have a proper Subversion client! But I use VisualStudio, watch demos and have a proper Subversion client on my work PC, so there are not that many reasons to boot windows on the laptop…

Plus BootCamp has small annoyances that GrammerJack mentions: no two finger scrolling (it’s the best thing in laptops I’ve ever seen), no backspace key, function key not supported, the machine never seems to come to proper sleep (i.e. it’s always hot to touch), trackpad sensitivity and precision much worse than on OSX etc.

And in general, I must admit that I kinda like OSX. “It feels nice” would be my best attempt at explanation, for I can’t think of any serious reasons why I like it. Well, yeah, the UI is nice etc. Mind you, I like Windows as well, but at least on this laptop, OSX “feels much nicer”.

Now if only Apple could throw the bunch of crap called XCode away and make something like VisualStudio+VisualAssist; and if only OpenGL would be so sweet to use as D3D! I’d jump on OSX bandwagon immediately and be a happy man. Alas, XCode is just lighyears behind (*).

(*) Though Apple has some really cool development tools as well (Shark etc.)