Doing something

After taking a break, I already want to do something programming-related in my free time. What should I?

  • The standard thing: do a demo. I have some ideas for that, but for various reasons I’m not in the mood right now to start a big/long project.

  • Read some books. I’m doing this a bit.

  • Learn something. Do something with wxWidgets or some Lua-only programming, but didn’t start anything yet.

  • I already should do something related to the next version of Project Hoshimi for Imagine Cup 2006. I’m trying to!

On the unrelated note, I’m doing a Oracle and XSLT related project at work. While Oracle stuff I’m dealing with really sucks, XSLT isn’t bad at all. Sure, it’s not “programming” that I’d love very much, but the whole concept is very powerful.

Maybe XML isn’t such a bad thing afterall, especially once you start doing funky things with XSLT and XPath. I still love the quote “XML is a giant step in no direction at all” though :)