On some demos

Watched some new&old demos in the last couple of days. Here (when there’s a link to Lithuanian page, the ‘download’ looks like ‘parsisiųsti’):

Rapid Eye Movement by Matt Current. Now that’s unreal; technically simple but excellent composition and creates a very strong feeling. The similar feeling I only remember from The Planet by mfx. Also, I think the concept of “rapid eye movement” (i.e. the phase of the sleep) is done very well. I want to (be able to) do this!

Aether by mfx. The first time it didn’t leave me very impressed. However, I recommend watching it for the second time. Fascinating, though I can’t say what exactly.

Old ones with a very strong music: A Significant Deformation Near the Cranium by kewlers and Coma (on the dance floor) by Cocoon. I want that music :)