Demo nearly finished!

(me back at work after three days of 12+ hour work on the demo)

Nearly finished the demo, gave testing builds to several people. I’m already sick with it and can’t judge it objectively. My wife says that demo lacks colours (true), lacks action (partially true) and other things - but probably she’s already sick with me doing the demo.

The other people say various things. Well, too late to change everything; I feel a bit bad - we’ve invested so much time into this and it looks pretty bland (i.e. when you compare screenshots of our demo and UnrealEngine3, one of them looks clearly better :)). Now it all depends on what demos will the other teams make.

On the efficiency side, it’s doing pretty well. I didn’t bother writing fallback effects for anything lower than ps2.0 hardware (that was great!). Our low-end-target (something like 1.5GHz CPU and Radeon 9500 64MB) the demo runs ok at lower resolutions (800x600). On our ‘recommended’ hardware that ranges from Radeon 9800s to GeForce 6800s the demo runs well; FPS counts are 60-120. Haven’t tried on any of the ‘top’ video cards. Two people said it doesn’t run on GeForceFX; one effect does not get validated - that’s bad, looking at the effect I can’t tell what’s the problem and don’t have anything from FX series at hand.

Funny enough, the demo manages to run reasonably well even when it’s severely unoptimized!