Engine/demo sourcecode released

So I went and put the sourcecode of our engine and the current (in progress) demo at BerliOS, so far only the Subversion tree (browse it online here).

The ’engine’, called dingus (don’t ask me why :)), is the one that was born for LTGameJam2003, based on some previous experience and insights from people more clever than me. Variations of it were used in all ‘serious’ nesnausk! demos so far, and in my personal projects as well. The sourcetree at BerliOS has no exporters/tools commited in yet, that will be at some later time. Of course, no real documentation is written for the engine.

Besides the engine, there’s ic2005 project that’s, well, the sourcecode for our WIP demo for ImagineCup2005. No art assets in any form are committed in, sorry :)

At some later time I’ll put the sourcecode for our other demos/projects as well. Maybe.

Update: mesh and animation exporters for 3dsMax added to svn. Other tools pending.