I once wanted be a games programmer

Some 6-8 years ago I’d think hey, games programming is all I want to do. Right now I’m more on the “let’s see” side.

One thing is: I don’t really play games. Last time I seriously played a game was, like, 7 years ago (IIRC). Some of the modern games I’ve seen or tried a bit are HalfLife2, Doom3, DungeonSiege, GTA3 and… that’s all! Wanting to be a game developer when you’re not really interested in games would be pretty weird, right?

Right now I’d think that my main interest is (realtime) computer graphics. I know that sounds pretty familiar - everyone starts from doing rendering engine - but hey, I’m still interested in CG now, and my first attempt at it was ~9 years ago, a mosaic-drawing-program on ZX Spectrum…

Would I want to work on a game? It depends. I don’t really like the current state of the industry at large; and working on something that’s not directly a game (like at IHV, or middleware, or research) would probably be more interesting.

I guess that’s why I’m trying not to work fulltime and leave some time for demoscene and similar stuff. Ok, my daughter has got the scissors somehow and now is trying to cut some books. Gotta go :)