Tiled Forward Shading links

Main idea of my previous post was roughly this: in forward rendering, there’s no reason why we still have to use per-object light lists. We can apply roughly the same ideas as those of tiled deferred shading.

Really nice to see that other people have thought about this before or about the same time; here are some links:

As Andrew Lauritzen points out in the comments of my previous post, claiming “but deferred will need super-fat G-buffers!” is an over-simplification. You could just as well store material indices plus data for sampling textures (UVs + derivatives); and going “deferred” you have more choices in how you schedule your computations.

There’s no principal difference between “forward” and “deferred” these days. As soon as you have a Z-prepass you already are caching/deferring something, and then it’s a whole spectrum of options what and how to cache or “defer” for later computation.

Ultimately of course, the best approach depends on a million of factors. The only lesson to learn from this post is that “forward rendering does not have to use per-object light lists”.