How to announce anything

I’m quoting awesome post by Charles Hinshaw from Unity forums:

I vote that we complain enough that they don’t share plans until everything is 200% done - I personally don’t want to know about a new version of Unity until after I have already shipped at least one game built with that version.

Alternately, UT could issue press releases that lack any information that might set expectations and/or require approval from third parties:

Unity Technologies ApS, announced today that they may be releasing an update to their popular game development software at an undisclosed future time.

From their offices in Copenhagen, Unity Technologies CEO and co-founder, David Helgason, said “We’re pretty excited not to announce anything specific about this potential upcoming release as we think that many of our users may be pleased by the addition of some number of features that may not have been present in previous versions of the software.”

Tom Higgins, Product Evangelist, added “The features in this software are making it possible for a number of undisclosed companies to work on various projects that may be released in the future. I think all of our users might be inspired by the things that may currently be under development with this future version of Unity.”

edit: Uhm, based on the replies that follow, apparently it wasn’t obvious that I am not seriously requesting this.

Way to go! :)