It's always unexpected

I have a MacBook Pro now and slowly am getting used to it. It’s quite hard, considering that I’ve never had a laptop before; and actually used any Mac for the first time just a couple of months ago. My daughter thinks the best part about it are the weird image effects in PhotoBooth. I just can’t disagree.

On the unrelated note, now I am a Microsoft DirectX MVP. Just about the time when I almost stopped using it! I’d love to, but we’re making a product that primarily runs on the Macs… quite hard to use D3D there. But almost every day I wish I could, and every second day I’m annoying my coworkers by saying that D3D is lightyears ahead of TheOtherAPI!

The MVP award just came out of nowhere. It’s one of the things that you never expect - but hey, it feels good anyway. And now I have a MVP laptop case for my MacBook :)