Papers and Articles

Hash Function Tests (2016 August)
Performance tests of various non-cryptographic hash functions, on various CPUs.

Direct3D GPU Hacks (2009 November)
A list of GPU vendor specific hacks/extensions for D3D9.

Compact Normal Storage for small g-buffers (2009 August)
Various approaches on how to store view space normals in a compact way.

Implementing fixed function T&L in vertex shaders (2009 June)
How to implement the beast in vertex shader 2.0 and up without using HLSL.

Oblique Near-Plane Clipping with Orthographic Camera (2007 Nov)
Water and mirrors can live happily with orthographic cameras.

Numbers in Transformation Matrices (2007 Apr)
What those 16 numbers actually mean?

ShaderX 4 (2006 Jan) contains two articles of mine:

  • Soft Projected Shadows describes shadows in this.
  • Tips and Tricks for D3DX Effects Based Renderer, a related part is in state management article below.

D3DX Effects State Management (2005 Oct)
An idea and implementation of efficient state management system for D3DX Effects.

Rendering Soft Shadows in Real-Time a.k.a. my master’s thesis (2005 May)
Basically, I present two algorithms for rendering (fake) soft shadows in realtime. One is also published in ShaderX 3 (Fake Soft Shadows…), the other is in ShaderX 4. Low quality PDF of my work is here (Lithuanian).

ShaderX 3 (2004 Dec) contains two my articles:

  • Shaderey – NPR Style Rendering describes techniques behind this.
  • Fake Soft Shadows Using Precomputed Visibility Distance Functions was part of my master’s thesis, maybe some time I’ll put some info here.

Direct3D Resource Management (2004 Sep)
How I did it in several of my demos. So far it even worked!

Introduction to modern GPU architecture (2003 Oct, Lithuanian)
A presentation for the University on modern GPUs, their architecture and programmability features. Paper (doc) and Slides (ppt).

3D FAQ in Lithuanian (2003 Jul)
Some answers to questions I constantly receive :)

Reverse extruded shadow volumes (2003 Feb)
Extrusion technique for stenciled shadow volumes. Enables self-shadowing while using simplified shadow meshes. Features a small demo.