MegaPixel on

'Megapixel!'I just have to blog this: just launched a Unity web game - MegaPixel. It’s a pure, abstract, and mega-fun FPS. It’s set up in a very small space (the levels are basically boxes with several smaller boxes inside), and it pretty much uses a single texture for the whole game, and it does not use much more than particle effects for everything (the levels, enemies, weapons and everything else is just particles). Pure genius.

I like it! That says a lot, because last time I played FPS was ages ago. Finally, someone made a game that I can like again. How much I’m biased because it’s made with Unity… decide for yourselves :)

Now the killer part: the game is designed and developed solely by a 15 year old - Forest “Yoggy” Johnson. How cool is that?

Enough talking, just go and play it. And remember that you didn’t see cool until you get to the robot level!

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